Assembly Elections in Tamil Nadu – 2016 Appeal for Funds

Esteemed Friends,

Greetings from the Tamilnadu State Committee of the Communist Party of India (Marxist)!

The elections to the Legislative Assembly of Tamil Nadu are scheduled to take place on May 16, 2016. The CPI(M) is a constituent of the People’s Welfare Front (PWF). The PWF has entered into an electoral adjustment with the DMDK led by Vijayakanth and with the TMC led by G.K.Vasan.

Since neither the DMK nor the AIADMK which have been ruling Tamil Nadu for several decades now have paid attention to the basic livelihood problems of the people of Tamil Nadu, the state conference of the CPI(M) held in February 2015 decided to work for an alternative to these parties. This effort has evolved gradually into the DMDK – PWF-TMC alliance which has gained the confidence of the people of Tamil Nadu. We appeal to all those who wish to bring about a change in favour of the people of Tamil Nadu to vote for this alliance.

Friends, the CPI(M) wishes to put forward an alternative culture in politics. As a part of this alternative culture, the CPI(M) relies on people to meet its financial requirements.

Under the rules of our Party, every member of the Party contributes a small portion of her/his monthly income to the Party as a levy. Further, party members contribute an amount, based on their paying capacity, once a year to the Party Fund. Also, the members of the CPI(M) visit people in door -to-door to raise funds for the Party. Beyond this, the Party mobilises funds from some individuals. While collecting funds in this manner, the CPI(M), as a matter of principle, forbids taking funds from big business and foreign capitalists.

Several political parties insist that the candidates of the Party should themselves fund their election expenses. By this insistence, they ensure that only the wealthy can contest elections. The CPI(M) forbids the candidates from spending their own money even when they have the means to do so.

The CPI(M) follows a policy of mobilizing resources largely from the working people, whose genuine interests it consistently upholds through struggles and movements. Workers, peasants, middle class employees, small and medium businesses – these are the sections that contribute funds to the CPI(M). It is currently the case that many parties, that claim to be for the poor when seeking votes, function in support of the dominant forces in industry, society and politics. The reason for this is that they obtain funds from those forces. On the other hand, we, the CPI(M), source our funds from the working people.

The MLAs and MPs of the CPI(M) give their entire salary to the Party. They receive the wage of a Party whole timer and follow a lifestyle consistent with that wage.

The CPI(M) is contesting more seats this time than it has done in the recent past. The Party seeks your financial support for meeting the election expenses both in the constituencies that it is contesting and in the seats contested by its allies. Incorruptible leaders, an alternative political culture, a pro-people politics – these define the CPI(M)’s struggle for positive change on all fronts. We earnestly request you to contribute generously to the CPI(M). We also appeal to you to motivate and persuade your friends and relatives to contribute funds to the CPI(M).

The CPI(M) which has a clear pro-people stand on every issue is a part of the DMDK – PWF-TMC alliance that it helped to bring into being. The PWF has put forward a common minimum programme in the interest of all sections of the people. When this alliance forms the government after winning the elections, the PWF, together with the alliance partners, will fulfill the demands it has championed and the promises it has made.

We appeal to you to support the DMDK – PWF-TMC alliance of which the CPI(M) is a part and help the alliance to win the elections in order that an alternative, pro-people government comes into being in Tamilnadu. We also appeal to you once again to contribute funds generously to help the CPI(M) in the elections.

Address to which the funds are to be sent

 Communist Party of India (Marxist),

Tamilnadu State Committee,

27 Vaithiyaraman Street,


Phone:  044-24341205, 24326800 / 24326900

Fax: 044 – 24341294



SB A/C No       :        418674546,

IFSC Code No    :        IDIB000T014,

Name                   :        Communist Party of India (Marxist), Tamilnadu State Committee,

Bank                    :        Indian Bank, T.Nagar Branch.

7 Prakasam Road, T. Nagar, Chennai – 600 017.

Note:  Friends and comrades making online fund transfers are requested to send their names and addresses, the amount being transferred, the e-transfer reference number and bank challan details either by email to  (also, or FAX (044-24341294) or by post.

Cheques /DDs may be made in favour of Communist Party of India (Marxist), Tamilnadu State Committee Those sending money orders may send them to the address of the Party Office given above.

Corporate entities and public or private limited companies should not send funds. Those sending in more than 10,000 rupees should provide their address and PAN numbers.


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