Congratulations to CPI(M) Tripura for huge victory in both bye elections

In keeping with the expectation of the people, CPI(M) retained it’s hold in the bye elections to the Pratapgarh and Surma assembly segments by a huge margin. Both these SC reserved seats had become vacant because of the untimely demise of the CPl(M) MLAs, comrade Anil Sarkar and comrade Sudhir Das. The campaign itself had made it clear that the victory of CPI(M) candidates were assured. The polling on 27th June was absolutely peaceful and recorded a high voter turnout.

The results as scheduled today were being eagerly awaited. In Surma CPI(M) had fielded it’s Kamalpur Subdivision committee secretary Anjan Das, while in Pratapgarh a completely new face, Ramu Das was in fray.

As counting started in Agartala and Kamalpur this morning,from the very beginning it became clear that the CPl(M) was going to retain both the seats with a greater margin compared to the loksabha polls. As the final result came out CPI(M) won both the seats leaving all the opposition parties far behind.

In Pratapgarh CPI(M) candidate Ramu Das defeated his nearest BJP candidate Mousumi Das by a huge margin of 17326 votes. Ramu Das got 27555 votes a hopping 62.10%,while BJP got 10229 votes and Congress finished third with mere 5187 votes.

In Surma assembly constituency, CPI(M) ‘s Anjan Das won with a huge difference of 15309 votes. He got 23275 votes while the nearest BJP candidate got 7966 votes. Congress bagged merely 2528 votes. As soon as results were declared, in both the constituencies and all over the state jubilant supporters, workers and sympathisers of the Left Front came out in streets to celebrate the victory.

CPI(M) Tripura state secretary Bijan Dhar thanked the electorates for reposing their faith on Left front.He termed the results as a positive mandate of the people in favour of peace, harmony and development of the state the main plank of the Left Front Government and a clear refusal to the anti people and communal policies of the Modi led BJP government. He said, it is definitely a worrisome fact that the BJP has finished second in both the seats leaving behind the Congress party . But it is because of the misdeeds of the Congress that the BJP has gained ground. The way the Congress virtually hid behind the BJP and left the ground empty by giving a call for conscience vote has helped BJP. We must be more vigilant in the coming days to counter the communal BJP more effectively.

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