Greetings from the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia

Dear comrades,

Communist Party of Bohemia & Moravia sends its warmest greetings to your 21st Congress. Accept please this letter as our message of both the fellowship and the solidarity.

The situation has been worsening immensely all around the world, thus your country included, since your 2012 Congress. Class struggles within individual countries escalate, and the imperialism’s efforts grow to solve its own internal issues by fostering, supporting and direct waging of conflicts against countries being not willing to get subordinated to the dictate of current imperialism, as it is shown today for example in Syria, Mali and some of other African countries, or in reactionary attempts to upset current developments in Latin America.

Positions of ordinary people in your country have been even more worsening after both Narendra Modi and his government coming into power. Modi’s government have no interest to deal with misery of the poor. They care only for the interests of rich strata, for big capital’s profits. By their way of governing, they harm badly not only the Indian people, but also the interests of India itself. In international scale, we can see it best by the hypocrisy when Mr. Modi, on one hand, keeps the India within the group of the BRICS countries, and, on the other hand, he strives to make broader the economical and military cooperation with the USA, which is obviously hostile towards the BRICS.

The only solution of severe economical, political, environmental and human issues being closely connected with the capitalism itself as well as with its crises, is the transition towards socialism. To change the social order, it is possible only if all honest and progressive people join together. We believe also the 21st Congress of CPI (M) can contribute to it.

Warmest comradely greetings

Vojtěch F i l i p
Chairman of KSČM’s CC

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