Our patriotism is the patriotism of Bhagat Singh, not of Savarkar – Brinda Karat

Comrade Brinda Karat, Polit Bureau Member of the CPIM, spoke at the rally at Jantar Mantar concluding the Chalo Delhi march on 23 February 2016, demanding ‪#‎JusticeForRohith‬.

“Today in this stage is our dear sister Radhika Vemulaji. Those who talk about Mother India so much, they should look at her and see the image of Mother India… Modi and Smriti Irani cannot understand what a Dalit mother has to go through. She is not alone. Today in India, millions of Dalit mothers are standing up and turn their blood into sweat, to bring up their children. And this cruel capitalist system kills them and proclaims, you are weak and hence you committed suicide. We don’t consider Rohith’s demise a suicide, it was an institutional murder. We are gathered here today to seek answers about this institutional murder.

Murderers are seated in the central government. We know that murderers are seated in campuses, who want to turn Indian campuses into RSS shakhas. These people cannot win by arguments. These people cannot win by logic. These people cannot win in a debate. That is why they use lathis and police to suppress the voice of students.

We demand that the false charges on the 5 students of Hyderabad Central University be withdrawn. We demand that the false charges on students in JNU be withdrawn.

To the Modi government, we have this to say – do whatever you want, but the people of India will not bow down in front of your lathis. We will move forward on the basis of our unity against their fake “nationalism”.

Our patriotism is the patriotism of Bhagat Singh, and we will not bow before traitors like Savarkar.”

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